About us Nestor Sulu

Hi there, I'm from Mexico and as in many Spanish speaking countries I have a very long name:
Néstor Manuel Sulú Canul.

I have a B.S. in Computer Sciences from the Universidad de Yucatán in Mexico. Just graduated I joined a multi-national company, and in 2001 I first travelled outside Mexico, to India.

That first overseas travel was about to change my life, when, after returning to Mexico I had to stop in China for 30 days to deal with some IT problems at China facilities.

I was sent to China couple of times more and after being promoted to IT Manager I asked to be relocated, so I moved to China in 2003, and since then I'm still here, where my life now is.

Years after moving to China my life took a new path, I left my first and only company and started my own business; I love programming and design, eventually I ended doing both so now I'm a web designer & developer, running my own web design studio in Xiamen, China.

Xiamen is a nice city, clean and small, we are here like a small family and had made lot of friends from all over the world. I now speak Spanish, English and Chinese. Still, I miss my family in Mexico.

Should you drop by Xiamen, feel free to contact me on any advise. Thanks for spending time checking at my website. Hasta la vista!