The Secret Day 6 - a healthier day!

Posted on Wednesday, 03 February 2016 by admin in The Secret

Yesterday all day I didn't contact my girlfriend, I think is better I give her time to deal with her problems by herself and better think about us. I'll be there for her if she needs me, but for now, let her be and I better focus on The Secret.

I keep thinking positive and saying thank you everytime something good happened or I received something. Like "thank you" to the waitress who brought my food, "thank you" to the rain while I was driving, because it brings life to this world, "thank you" to my health for keeping my alive, etc.

Today morning is Day 5 of  The Magic book and it is about money. I thanked for all the money I have gotten in my life since I was a kid, and carry my "Magic HK Dollar" (not USD but HKD here), I chose HKD instead of local RMB, because is different so helps me remind me I need to thank it, and... looks special and still is money!

So far, nothing special has happened, except my friend still doubts about sharing room with me! Let's see how this ends :), and today a friend invited me to dancing night again, yes, I 'll go.

Today, after being so positive, I got new energies to START MY BUSINESS, so I started having business mind, I have currently 7 orders for new websites; if I want to get more business, I should do a good job and deliver on time. I had been lazy, because love problems and stress, plus moving apartment, but that's it, today I got inspiration, and I finally finished changes for one website for a Spanish Client (, now I can move to the next one.

By the way, I THANK YOU FOR ALL THE MONEY I have been given in my life! Thank you, thank you.


6:40 PM. Wow! magic happened!

I took my mobile to send a message and... I realized now I can see it closer again! I always have had a perfect vision, 40 years old now and no need use eye glasses, however, to my surprise, about 2 months ago, from day to another I couldn't see clear from same distance, I had to put my mobile farer to see it focus (and same with books and so on)... I was sad, then other friends told me it happens like that, vision gets like this from one day to next day, and that I should expect more "days" like this in the next years... So, I got used to it, to put things farer from my eyes in order to read them well, focused, clear... was feeling like grandpa already.

But today... wow! my sight is back! I can see it clear from close distance again! and if you read my yesterday post, yesterday was day for "thanks to my body and my health"! And so, today vision came back to me! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!


11:20 PM

Day ended without further suprise. I went bed, took my magic rock, and said thanks for recovering my wonderful vision. Thanks, thanks, thanks!



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