The Secret Day 5 - day of challenges

Posted on Monday, 01 February 2016 by admin in The Secret

Today I need to go for my visa (see here my visa problem), they had told me will be last time, they give to me on this same type, that I need to do some process etc. They also told me will be only for 6 months and 1 entry.

Since that day (2 weeks ago) I knew that, I was worried. Only reason I stay here is because my daughter, whom is Chinese citizen, otherwise, as an IT engineer, I have a better future in The United States. Is not only that could be the last (although they offered me one possible solution I can try - but nothing sure), but also the fact that it would 1 entry only. I had a visa for Taiwan, planning to see my girlfriend shall we get back together, but now, I can't, because is 1 entry, and is last visa I get this way.

So, with that feeling, I tried to keep positive and thanked the universe for all good things I have, and told myself "everything will be ok, be great". I also did The Magic task of the day "Think about your body and thank all your body parts - like thank you my legs for carrying me around, etc.). So, once I have charged with enough positive energies, I got ready to go for my Visa and then go to my customer office to work, the only customer left, and that had cut my working time from 3 days a week to 1 day a week, and that I was already expecting soon will end too.

Well, remember? Law of Attraction, "likes attracts likes" and "what you think you get"... got SMS from the customer's manager "Hi Nestor, sorry reply late, Boss says you don't need go office, no need your work for few months, he will contact you when need you again"... great! isn't it? Well, for two months I've been thinking "Soon I'll loose this customer" and by The Law Of Attraction, that is what I got today.

If I am now an "ordinary" person, I'd have been already freaking out, but hey! I'm not ordinary, I have The Secret with me. Yes, I it first hit me, like, cool, last thing I needed: no girlfriend, no visa and now.. no customers at all! But then, I started thinking "everything happens for a greater reason", and thought about past wishes "to become rich, to have 10 million RMB", and wait a minute, is that maybe losing the first customer and now this other customer may be The Universe working on my wish? And what about my wish to get back to my girlfriend?

If think clearly, it means, The Universe is dissapearing my customers, so to push me to develop my business on web design (Cloud One Design), and at the same to be free to move to my girlfriend country, and the Visa issue? maybe is in the same direction, is The Universe pushing me out. Now, these two problems, maybe actually are not a problem, but obstacles on my way to be rich and happy with my girlfriend that are being removed.

Then, first magic of the day, I went for my Visa, and I was visualzing all the day "it is multiple entry", and when I got it, I asked, and official told me, yes is multiple entry, you can go out and in without limiations during the period of validity. YES! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Then I went to a coffee shop to work, and hours later, a friend message "about apartment, is not 1500, but 2000, and I'm not sure if I want it, but we can try some time and decide". He was refereing to, I want to move to his apartment as part of my financial plan to save money, my current apartment is 4000, is big and I am alone (no girlfiend, remember?). And over the past week, I have told him clearly I want to pay 1500 and he said ok, and said he was happy I moved in, and that my ideas of we can become good friends and help each other etc., So, I was sure he was sure, that I told my landlord I am moving, didnt' check other places and even turned out another friend's offer to host me... and now, 1 week before moving, my friend "is not sure, and wants 500 more)...

As for now, I've contacted people about apartment renting. 
Well, let's see how this problem turns out later, remember "everything happens for a better reason".

-- later on --

Nothing special happened. I went visit some house agents, found one place at my budget, but then decided preferred bigger space even it was shared, I talked the price with my friend, and although lot of conditions, we agreed to ok. So, I am still moving to his place next week.

Day ended, I went bed earlier, used my magic rock to thanks the best thing happened in my day, which was to get visa with multiple entry status.

The Secret Day 6 - a healthier day!



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