The Secret Day 4 - a trip away

Posted on Monday, 01 February 2016 by admin in The Secret

Monday, got up earlier, heavy rain and cold. My ex wife will send my daughter to the Train Station, and I'll send her to her grandparents home 200 km away. Due to Chinese New Year, no tickets, ex wife got tickets but no seat, means I and my daughter need stand up for over an hour trip.

I got up and followed the magic day task "list 10 things and be grateful for", well, it was raining, so, I wrote "I am grateful for the rain, because it brings life to plants and to all of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you", and 9 other ones.

I went Train Station, ex-wife delayed by traffic and rain... about to miss the train, fast train, never delays, always on time. She arrived 9:40, train departs 9:50... and we still need pass security and find the gate... I and my poor daughter (6 years old sweet baby) had to run and run, it hurt my heart seeing her running and tired but we had no choice... and WE MADE IT, like 1-2 min left for train to leave, we made it! I said THANKS THANKS THANKS (you need to be always grateful).

Magic happened again, our tickets  didn't have seats, but... the door we entered, was close to a "shop" spot, and... there were two chairs in front of it for customers to buy and seat... however, in this place, manners are not standard, one seat already occupied by other traveller and his daughter, so we did same, WE GOT SEATS on a non-seat ticket... and thanks for being late!

We arrived ok, everyone happy, I spent time with my daughter, lunch together, and then back home. During all that time I kept checking my mobile, no reply yet from my girlfriend (see yesterday post - Day 3). So I got more and more worried... of course, I said to myself, she is busy, maybe the messaging app doesnt work... come on, small thing... but, before her mother visit, she always replied quick.

I arrived home by 5:00 PM, I had too much work, but before working, I wrote a new order: "new message from my girlfriend", I visualized it, believed it, and started working... yeap! by 6:30 PM got her message! she said sorry didnt get message before, just now (after more than 24 hours!), and then... we chatted a lot, and even had Skype video. A so happy day!

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