The Secret Day 3 - the magic

Posted on Sunday, 31 January 2016 by admin in The Secret

The day before, reading The Secret website ( I read about "The Magic", it is a practical guide in 28 days to practice GRATITUDE to improve your life in all aspects, so, now I'm back to The Secret, I'm open to all positive things I can have. You can read about The Magic here.

I read first pages and followed the three first days (I have been experiencing The Secret for over 6 years now, I can follow The Magic faster), on day 3, it asks you to list 3 close persons and write 5 things you are thankful for them. I selected my ex-wife, my best German friend... and my girlfriend. The excercise says, read the 5 reasons for each and say "Thank you [Friend's name] ", so I did, while feeling the gratitude really deep. I did it, I even cried each time, because I am really grateful to each of them.

Is then, when magic happened again: "green blink"... my girlfriend! She wrote to me she was feeling better, I replied her I was happy to know and wish her well, she smiled, end of chat.

The res of the day went unnoticed, partly because I stayed home all day, but I kept working and reading more on The Secret and The Magic, to keep charing energies, good and positive energies.

I went to find my "magic rock" and get ready for tomorrow take my daughter to her grand parents 200 km away for Chinese New Year.

Once got my magic rock, I went home, washed it and then I thought of my girlfriend, I wrote her more things... she didnt reply. Before sleep, I wrote again... no reply either... I slept worried AGAIN.

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