The Secret Day 14, 15

Posted on Friday, 12 February 2016 by admin in The Secret

Yesterday nothing interesting, still Chinese New Year till Feb 14.

I went to buy new mobile, all shops closed. Mission failed.

Today, started good, got Paypal payment from other customer.

Bad news though, finally found one mobile outlet, but... found out I can't recover my old number, because registered under my ex girlfriend name, and they need see original document, too bad that my ex left me and moved to Taipei while I am here in Xiamen.

So, I think I found the "positive" reason for losing my mobile: now I need to get my old number, the one I had for 10 years and that, because having new number, I didnt get back in 2 years. That number is more important, everybody knew it, the new number, just have 2 years, no many people knows it yet.

Yesterday and today again long chat with ex girlfriend though Skype, because needed her help to try recover my number. She still ex, but we are happy and behave like boyfriend and girlfriend, that keeps me happy too, but maybe is only my perception, maybe she only being good friend.

So, today, no special thing to be happy for, I may give thanks only for being alive :D



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#1 Gonzalo on Friday, October 14, 2016 said:
Hola, como dicen por aquí, lo barato sale caro, ahí en China a cuanto está el kilo de mendrugo?

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